Best treatment options will vary based on your individual skin type. Schedule a consultation to design a custom treatment plan that suits your needs.

Deep Cleansing Treatment

   A facial for all skin types, this is a excellent introductory service. this facial includes skin analysis, cleansing exfoliation extractions


   75 Minute $100 Package Of 6 Session $450


Acne Treatment 

   Acne one common skin conditions today, and often a source of embarassment those who experience. Aesthetic OOGII skincare   our acne treatment options can help you reduce and eliminate the appearance acne so look best and feel confident your skin.

   90 Minute $130. Package of 6 Session $ 650

Diamond peel Treatment

   Diamond peel a non -invasive, mechanical procedure that removes dead skin cells dirt excess on the skin surface.

   90 Minute $130. Package Of 6 Session $650

Vitamins energy Therapy Treatment with LED

   This the perfect treatment to effectively contrast pigmentation promote brilliant skin.

   90 Minute $150. Package of 6 Session $ 750


Chemical Feel 

   A chemical feel a technique use to improve and smooth the texture of the skin. Facial is mostly treated and scarring can be improved. Chemical feel intended remove the outermost layers the skin

   1 Hour 30 Minute $140.3 Times Series $350.

Microneedle Treatment system (MTS)

One time $195. The session of three is $550